Category: Under the Sea

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 37 Puzzle 5 Answers

    _ and Her Sisters a film by Woody Allen Baby pig Blacque _ Shellacque is a Looney Toon villain Crustacean with long body and tiny leg Gestures words and objects set by tradition Grass field in a forest large pasture Grim _ personification of death Sharp taste or smell not sweet or salty Substance that […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 38 Puzzle 1 Answers

    Almost certainly highly probably Also known as foodpipe or gullet Armed ship privately owned hired to fight Big seabird with the largest wingspans Can be verified by observation or logic Capital of Pakistan Irregular soldiers that don’t follow rules Jedi played by Samuel L Jackson in Star Wars Renaissance and Baroque dance type Top Catalan […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 38 Puzzle 2 Answers

    Abhorred detested Ben _ won an Oscar for playing Ghandhi Beta means testing a _ product before release Caliphate founded in the Arabian Peninsula in 632 Crystalline form of aluminium oxide Irukandji is a tiny _ jellyfish from Australia Letter pad on computers can be found on a piano Masonic group that wear fezzes and […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 38 Puzzle 3 Answers

    _ Trench deepest known part of the ocean American Nobel Prize winning economist Breed of cat known for its size and calm attitude Flat heated surface found in restaurant kitchens Geometric shape with nine sides Gigantic tentacular monster created by Lovecraft Impatient exaggerated movements Large scale rotating air mass Mental disorder of two halves Michael […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 38 Puzzle 4 Answers

    _ zone of sea water from 0 to 1200 feet A patchwork quilt requires them Anagram of oriental Below your hair above your eyes Capital of Paraguay Christmas season house to house singing Free exaggerated and highly energetic street dance HBO’s mafia series with Gandolfini Interwined sticks hold up marbles in this game Lighthearted fun […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 38 Puzzle 5 Answers

    Being allowed to do something like fishing Cupid loved her dearly Existing right now physically being there German three striped sports brand Homicidal whale aka orca Free Willy Largest Andean Colombian city Public auction Scrambled egg breakfast medley Strike this tool with mallet to shape material Taiwanese-born director of Brokeback Mountain The smallest ocean <<All […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 39 Puzzle 1 Answers

    _ in the Night Sinatra 1966 Grammy winner A wine lover Agnes _ actress of Bewitched Device such as clock or watch for measuring time Electrical device for household use Good _ someone who helps another person Head of State or _ the leader of Vatican City Human _ department aka as human capital Large […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 39 Puzzle 2 Answers

    Another name for the universe as a whole Francesco _ Italian Baroque painter Gloria _ sang about surviving before Beyonce In India widow once burnt at husband’s pyre Informal trousers for men or women Large heavy gun that shoots stone balls Misfortune reversal Mollusc whose calcareous plates attach to rocks Outdoor meal often eaten at […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 39 Puzzle 3 Answers

    _ Kerr star of The King and I A large vessel used to carry warriors Also known as Chinese cabbage Base of an argument or theory Cast off with Hagar in the desert Cloth used for cleaning furniture windows etc Constellation named after a mythical winged horse Extended mass of ice covering a large area […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 39 Puzzle 4 Answers

    Anything to do with a mother grandmother Being recommended to another type of doctor Constant _ wears away the stone Diana Ross and The _ Faust’s love It literally means the green of earth Jennifer _ actress of The Hunger Games Organ that grows throughout pregnancy Related to the father of psychoanalysis Someone who practices […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 39 Puzzle 5 Answers

    _ O’Conor hairless Irish female singer A paper size Ancient Greek name for clear upper sky area Apple’s app online music store Astrological sign represented by a fish Capital of Czech Republic Cloud of dust and elements in space Get up from lying or sitting move forward Growth of abnormal tissue Large sea duck mostly […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 40 Puzzle 1 Answers

    20000 _ Under the Sea a Jules Verne novel Breast bone bone in the middle of the chest Clothing to disguise someone Country of Tintin Poirot and The Smurfs Even moderately slow tempo Fundamental compound of nucleic acids Having marks of an earlier period antique Huge long fish with a compressed body Man someone is […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 40 Puzzle 2 Answers

    1024 Gigabytes is equal to 1 _ 1st woman to get the Pulitzer for poetry Sara _ A basketball player A plantation of grapes aimed to wine production Benjamin Hornigold’s pirate ship Cape _ the graveyard of the Atlantic Drainage bowl for pasta Infernal determination to achieve something Made to be broken just like piecrusts […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 40 Puzzle 3 Answers

    _ missiles have predetermined trajectories _ Tentacles lives next to SpongeBob A bathroom sink A private eye who grew orchids EEG brain exam aka _ Test Fashion style baggy clothes for women Home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame In _ in bad condition due to neglect Pert little ones Popular hot chocolate […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 37 Puzzle 3 Answers

    Greek goddess of love and desire Large and bright constellation listed by Ptolemy Looks like a person set up to frighten birds Ordained minister member of the clergy Regular profit payments to shareholders Ship on which James Cook sailed to Australia The land of the Philistines Type of car used to go fast used in […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 40 Puzzle 4 Answers

    _ Burns smoking comedian lived to a 100 Alexander _ Bell inventor of the telephone Character in Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities Cut and polished precious stones gems Gaul who fell on a cauldron of magic potion Large area full of trees and bushes Large building in India Little Richard’s favorite flavor Tutti _ […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 37 Puzzle 4 Answers

    A high-ranking military member above captain Ancient solar clock Costume Dante’s hell with nine circles of suffering Delete erase Friendly agreeable usually in a divorce Generous actions or donations to the needy Inept boxing player One cannot make fire _ smoke Poisonous gas used in Holocaust chambers Respiratory tract that send air to the lungs […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 40 Puzzle 5 Answers

    A high-brow word for whiskers A hit by The Beatles A person who gives information on TV or radio A three-dimensional work of art A Woody Allen film starring Diane Keaton Anti-_ drugs to help control blood sugar Economic system where power is in the hands of few Formal agreement to stop fighting Idiomatic expression […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 34 Puzzle 4 Answers

    2016 slang for really good on point Brown spice used in baking drinks and desserts Chemical element meaning heavy stone in Swedish Close combat between armed aircraft Cloth or plastic strips to cover a wound Dress with small shoulder straps worn in summer Famous undersea explorer succedded by his son Frequent visitors Land along the […]

  • CodyCross Under the Sea Group 34 Puzzle 5 Answers

    Antioxidant berry sauce served at Thanksgiving Burn scented oils aka diffusers Doctor’s identification of an illness disease Donovan Vietnam era song _ Soldier Founder of Ford motor company Leader of the Tibetan Buddhists Pharaoh`s wife who started a revolution in Egypt Prominent author of the 1920s’ Lost Generation Raw material crop bought and sold Something […]